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Back-to-School Jamboree Recap Video

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Learn About our Special Guests

Sheriff Paula Dance

Sheriff Paula S. Dance was elected on November 6, 2018, and officially took office on December 3, 2018. Sheriff Paula Dance is a veteran law enforcement officer, having served the public for almost three decades.  


Sheriff Dance was born in Martin County, NC.  As a child she formed a strong understanding of the complexities of life in rural eastern North Carolina.  She developed strong morals, ethics, and a healthy ambition, as well as the work ethic that has fueled her career.  She says that her guideposts in life have been hard work, integrity, and treating every person with respect.  She has been blessed with three wonderful children and two grandchildren.


The Sheriff began her career in 1990 with the Martin County Sheriff's Office.  About four years later Pitt County Sheriff Billy Vandiford hired her as a deputy, not knowing that one day she would be elected to the office herself. Deputy Dance excelled quickly in Pitt County.  She learned the best practices of the profession in order to best serve the citizens.  After only four years on patrol, Dance received her first promotion and became the Sergeant of the innovative Domestic Violence Unit where she fought every day for victims and families in crisis.


Source: Pitt County Sheriff's Office

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Brandon Biggs, aka Cappello, is a father, minister, rap artist, and producer who has made it his mission to bridge the gap between the redeeming, forgiving, graceful love of Jesus and the imperfect, contrite, ever-longing heart of man. His alma mater, Full Sail University, is where he studied music production and acquired the skills necessary to record and produce his own music. Cappello is also a graduate of the United Foundation Fellowship School of Religious Studies, where he was ordained as a minister. He has toured city to city, sharing the gospel at several universities, churches, and a host of community events. His latest projects, “The Under God EP” and “Goodship,” both deliver a message of hope and love that is easily absorbed through his well-spoken and engaging rap style. He has served his home church as a youth minister and has held interim roles as a youth minister at other churches. Cappello lives by the motto, “Do it before you talk yourself out of it,” highlighting the thought that a life well lived is sometimes postponed by our own inner voice. 

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